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What Does A Bulldog Win At Vandy Mean?

Posted by Kyle Weidie on March 5, 2008

  • First and foremost, the last time the Bulldogs were in Nashville, on Vanderbilt’s home court in 2006, they got shellacked by a score of 80-52. The game was attended by yours truly. So, although I won’t be in attendance this year, this 07-08 Bulldogs squad owes me a better effort.
  • Overall, Vandy owns Mississippi State on the hardwood (70-42 all-time) and especially in Nashville where the ‘Dores have trumped the ‘Dawgs 42 out of 50 times.
  • However, Mississippi State has bested Vanderbilt in 6 out of the last 8 meetings — but those two losses were ever so painful, including the aforementioned blowout and the head-smacking disappointing overtime defeat in the second round of the 2004 SEC Men’s Basketball Tournament in Atlanta.
  • Right now, the Bulldogs are 11-3 in the SEC – not much can be done in terms of adding to the history books for Rick Stansbury. He is unable to surpass or tie his personal SEC best conference record of 14-2, achieved in 2003-2004. And upon gaining his 10th conference win this year, he tied Richard Williams for the second most years with double-digit conference wins at 3 (Babe McCarthy has 4).
  • If Mississippi State wins their last two games, at Vandy and LSU at home, while Tennessee losses their last two, at Florida and South Carolina at home, then the Bulldogs would take the SEC overall crown (as I’m pretty sure a tie would go to UT because of their head-to-head win). Nonetheless, it ain’t happening.
  • A win against Vanderbilt would no doubt increase the seeding projection of the Bulldogs, currently 7th on most sites including Lunardi’s Bracketology on ESPN, Burlison’s ‘Beating the Bracket’ on Fox Sports, and Parrish’s ‘Projecting the Seeds’ on CBS Sportsline.
  • Why? Because a Vandy win would give the Bulldogs their first against a top-25 RPI team (Vandy is currently 10th) and a 3rd against top-50 RPI teams (in addition to Ole Miss and Arkansas).
  • Hopefully, a win against Vandy would not lead to the Bulldogs looking past a revitalized Shady Brady-less LSU squad who have won their last 3 conference games going into tonight’s match-up against Alabama at home.
  • Finally, a win against Vandy would make me feel better about not being able to see or watch the game as it only seems to be available on XM Satellite radio, which I do not have. Good luck tonight Bulldogs….because another 4 point effort from Jamont Gordon is not going to cut it.

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