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Mississippi State Will Try To Stay Off The Tiger Beat

Posted by Kyle Weidie on March 8, 2008

Senior Day for the Mississippi State Bulldogs: Charles Rhodes and walk-on Billy Begley will be the lone celebrants. The Louisiana State University Tigers, 13-16 overall and 6-9 in the SEC, have had a dismal season. However, since Mississippi State “product” Butch Pierre has taken the coaching helm from John Brady, the Tigers have gone 5-3….winning their last 4 SEC games in a row (albeit only one was on the road and the combined SEC record of those losers is 19-41). Nonetheless, Gregg Ellis of the NE Mississippi Daily Journal has a story about Butch Pierre that’s well worth the read. LSU Tiger fans seem to be behind Pierre. So, will the yet to be named LSU AD end up jettisoning Butch for VCU’s Anthony Grant? I’d bet money that the answer is no. With Pierre’s ties to the south, especially in terms of his purported recruiting skills, LSU (whomever the AD will be) would have to be crazy to let him go.

A quick check of the LSU Tiger Blogosphere:

And this guy has the run-down on all of SEC Hoops.

Will the Bulldogs be motivated against LSU today? [Kyle Veazey of the Clarion-Ledger asks.]

I think so. My prediction: 25 and 13 for Charles Rhodes and Billy Begley gets some Senior Day points.

Oh yea, today Mississippi State will recognize the 1963 Bulldogs basketball team, the first team from MSU to participate in the NCAA tournament.



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  1. I just tried sending you an e-mail about profiling the Dawgs and Jamont Gordon. Please get back to me!

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