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Running With The Bulldogs and Their Awards

Posted by Kyle Weidie on March 12, 2008

The 2007-2008 Mississippi State Bulldogs squad have picked up their share of SEC conference awards.

First Team All-SEC x Two: Congrats to both Jamont Gordon and Charles Rhodes for being named to the SEC Men’s Basketball All-Conference 1st Team, along with 7 other players. Gordon, with Shan Foster of Vanderbilt (the SEC Player of the Year) were the only two unanimous 1st team selections. Take that Chris Lofton!

No real surprise that Jarvis Varnado was named the unanimous SEC Defensive Player of the Year. It’s pretty much required that the honor go to the nation’s leading shot-blocking.

Jamont Gordon to the NBA? Personally, I’m betting he goes. We also find out via the link to Kyle Veazey’s Clarion-Ledger Mississippi State blog entry that Ben Hansbrough recently put Flexall in the basketball tights of Brian Johnson. Flexall, or sometimes Rocket Balm, in the tights…..a time tested Mississippi State basketball tradition. Although, I’ve never heard of a sophomore doing it to a junior.

Rick Stansbury a dapper gentleman? Ron Morris of The State (South Carolina paper) gives Stansbury the “Rick Pitino Award”Stansbury? How about checking out assistant Robert Kirby?

On Monday, the Big Lead had Mississippi State, Vanderbilt and Tennessee as the only “locks” from the SEC to make the NCAA Tournament……they were skeptical of Kentucky and Arkansas, and said that Billy Donovan and his two championship rings would be hitting the bricks.

….and later that afternoon, The Big Lead put the aforementioned three, along with Kentucky and Ole Miss, and not Arkansas, in the Big Dance.

In any case, the Mississippi State Bulldog math adds up.

….That is, unless you are talking about MSU free-throw shooting; the misses add up in a bad way. This Clarion-Ledger article by Kyle Veazy doesn’t do much to aid the Bulldogs in their search of a solution. In fact, all it really does is use the grade school argument of “Look, they’re doing it too!” as more of an excuse, and not a solution.

Ben Hansbrough’s older brother: Tyler.
Mike Freeman has an interesting article on CBS Sportsline discussing the media’s love for Tyler….or “Psycho T” – Yes, the media (and especially Dick Vitale, whom I do not like) can be a little crazed sometimes, especially when it come to Great White Hopes (or Hypes). However, I’ve seen Tyler Hansbrough play plenty of times, albeit not as much as the pundits, and he clearly brings much more intensity than your standard college basketball hustler. And definitely more intensity than anyone I saw in my five years of watching Mississippi State basketball and all their opponents up close. Well, perhaps with the exception of my boy Brandon Carr; Coach Stansbury used to have to tell him to slow down during practices.

Mike Freeman claims not to knock Hansbrough, but putting him in-the-mix with other college basketball players is definitely a slight (Freeman’s cookie-cutter race argument notwithstanding). Personally, I’m far from putting Tyler Hansbrough on a pedestal as “analysts” obviously have, but his gamesmanship can not be questioned. And remember, Tyler’s teammates gave him the “Psycho T” nickname, not the media.

Kansas State’s Michael Beasley.
If you read Ryan O’Halloran’s article in the Washington Times, “B-Easy”, you’ll know that Mr. Beasley carries four cell phones.

“Out of Beasley’s pockets come four devices: an iPhone, a T-Mobile Sidekick, a Verizon LG phone and a Sprint BlackBerry. The static disappears, and he conducts the interview.”

I can’t blame Beasley. After all, he’s probably trying to lock up a mobile phone sponsorship. Why not start a bidding war between the four carriers?

Other News:

Looking for an excuse to miss work for the NCAA tournament? Epic Carnival has your back….hey, I didn’t say they were going to be good excuses.

Want to get to know a mid-major via cheerleaders? I present to you: St. Mary’s.


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