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It’s Official: For Jamont Gordon, It’s NBA or Bust

Posted by Kyle Weidie on June 16, 2008

The NBA deadline for those still eligible to serve basketball duty in college has come and gone. As expected, former Mississippi State Bulldog, Jamont Gordon, has chosen to remain in the draft. DraftExpress reports that Gordon might have hired agent Charles Grantham of Ceruzzi Sports and Entertainment Group.

I’ve questioned Gordon’s readiness for the NBA, especially in terms of playing the toughest position by far to learn, point guard. I’ve also been critical of his curious choice to not participate in the NBA Pre-Draft camp held at the end of May. But at this point, Jamont is making the best decision for himself, even if he doesn’t get selected in the first round.

As I’ve stated before, Gordon didn’t really have much to gain by returning to Mississippi State. He wasn’t going to magically learn the point guard skills he needs to make it on the ultimate level. Jamont might as well get the jump on his pro career, whether it be fighting for a spot during NBA summer leagues, team training camps, the NBDL, or abroad.

It’s hard to gauge whether Gordon would have really improved his standing among NBA scouts at the pre-draft camp. Perhaps he and his handlers actually did make the right decision as his mediocre point guard skills could have been exposed during game play. Instead, Jamont Gordon has opted to show his stuff during individual team workouts.

Most NBA teams only allow for limited media exposure to private workouts. We may not know Jamont’s actual standing until draft night. Franchises are certainly interested in what Jamont Gordon has to offer. Here are a couple of the workouts he has had to date:

Here’s what the WWW is saying about Gordon:

  • Ryan Anderson [a PF from Cal] and Jamont Gordon both have a good shot of getting a commitment from a team late in the first round. Anderson has been praised at workouts for his shooting ability despite questions about what position he’d play in the pros. Meanwhile, teams that think Gordon can make the transition to the point believe he has first-round potential. [Chad Ford, ESPN.com]
  • JaMont Gordon measured out at a chiseled 6-3 ½ and 230 pounds, and reportedly got to wherever he wanted on the floor, but shot the ball extremely poorly, played a bit selfishly and even displayed some bad body language. [Jonathan Givony of DraftExpress reporting on a mass workout of around 24 prospects at the Golden State Warriors practice facilities featuring representatives from 17 NBA teams.] (Sounds like the Jamont Gordon I know…..not sure of the meaning behind DraftExpress capitalizing the ‘m’ though.)
  • Rush The Court dubs Rick Stansbury a “loser” as a result of losing Jamont Gordon, and cites the case of Kennedy Winston leaving Alabama as a similar situation. However, Winston (who was from the outskirts of Mobile, Alabama and was actually ever so close to signing with Mississippi State) only suited up one year for Alabama…..at least Rick got three out of Jamont Gordon. Kennedy Winston went undrafted in 2005 and is now playing in Greece.

In other news:

  • Jamont Gordon’s brother, Eric Gordon, is a pretty damn good athlete himself, but a footballer and not a hoopster. Eric Gordon, a high school senior to be, is ranked the 11th best cornerback in the country by Rivals.com. Eric hopes to make even more noise for Hillsboro High School in Nashville, Tennessee in 2008. He is being recruited by the likes of Oklahoma, Tennessee, Alabama, Clemson, Miami, Texas Tech, Colorado, Louisville, Kentucky, South Carolina, North Carolina, and of course, Mississippi State.
    [Read about Eric Gordon in the Nashville City Paper]
  • ProFantasySports.com ranks the Top 10 SEC basketball players heading into the 2008-2009 season. Mississippi State’s Jarvis Varnado comes in at #10, Scotty Hopson comes in at #9….ouch.

4 Responses to “It’s Official: For Jamont Gordon, It’s NBA or Bust”

  1. JON said

    When you said Eric Gordon was a footballer and not a basketball player, I first thought you were commenting on the basketball player’s style of play. This was after I thought, “I didn’t know Jamont and Eric were brothers?!?”

    Lol…man, I must have had my stupid pills today.

    And I really don’t like Jamont’s game, but he’ll end up getting drafted in the second round. He’s got great size, but is really more of a poor-shooting shooting guard.

  2. KW said

    Yea….I thought about including a ‘not Indiana’s Eric Gordon’ when writing the piece….but didn’t for some reason.

    If Jamont Gordon proved himself to be coachable, then a lot of scouts would be willing to look past his weak jump shot.

    However, we all know that Stansbury gave him a great deal of free reign….so all the kid really knows is doing what he wants.

  3. 38th to the Bobcats. Maybe Larry Brown can fix him. After all, Eric Snow couldn’t shoot either.

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