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Bulldog Draft Day Hope – Charles Rhodes

Posted by Kyle Weidie on June 26, 2008

Jamont Gordon may be nervous while watching tonight’s NBA Draft from his home in Nashville, even though it’s a given that he will be selected. The problem for Gordon is that the first round position he craves comes with a guaranteed contract while the more likely status as a second rounder does not.

Charles Rhodes is in another boat. There’s a decent chance he gets taken in the 2nd round, there’s a better chance that he does not. Either way, he knows that in the near future he will need to fight hard for the job that he craves.

The Miami Heat, Memphis Grizzlies, Washington Wizards, Detroit Pistons, and New Orleans Hornets are among the teams Rhodes has had private workouts for. You can see a video of his workout with the Washington Wizards here.

Some say it’s better to go undrafted at all rather than in the second round. That way, a player (and his representative) can be selective in regard to the best opportunity as a free agent attempting to win a roster spot. However, since yesterday was Charles Rhodes’ birthday (along with yours truly), I’m pretty sure that hearing his name called on draft night would be a pretty nice belated present.

At this point, Charles Rhodes is considered a sleeper. He can knock down buckets, block shots, is fairly agile, and surprisingly quick. Check out his 3/4 court sprint time from Draft Express; his 3.13 is much closer to guard territory than big man land.

But that’s the problem. Rhodes doesn’t have all the measurement traits that most NBA scouts are looking for in a big. His hops are adequate at 33.5 in the max vert, which is less than caucassian big man Maarty Leunen, who Charles matched up against when the Bulldogs played Oregon in the NCAA Tournament, but Charles’ max vert was higher than Memphis’ Joey Dorsey.  While Rhodes measured at 6’8.25″ (in shoes), an inch taller than Dorsey, Joey has more strength (about 20 pounds worth), and more reach (a 7’1.75″ wingspan) in comparison to Rhodes (a 6’11.25″ wingspan).

My Prediction:

The phone of Charles Rhodes will be ringing off the hook tonight with calls from NBA teams, but not because he has been drafted. Rhodes has NBA talent, but this 2008 NBA Draft is very deep. General managers looking to optimize chances at upside potential will most likely frown upon the physical traits of Rhodes. Doesn’t mean they are right, and it doesn’t mean that there won’t be an abundance of invites for Charles to participate in summer league play or training camp tryouts.

Good luck to both Charles Rhodes and Jamont Gordon this evening. I have high hopes for both of these aspiring hoopers and expectations that they will exert the effort needed to represent the Mississippi State basketball program well.


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