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Bulldog Draft Day Hope – Jamont Gordon

Posted by Kyle Weidie on June 26, 2008

The day has finally come and soon it will be gone. Stomachs are churning and veins are probably not filled with ice water for most NBA hopefuls. Even the lottery guarantees are probably nervous about to which city they will soon be moving. But for Jamont Gordon and Charles Rhodes, there are no guarantees.

The last time Bulldog Maroon & White covered Jamont Gordon, he had private workouts for five NBA teams (Raptors, Bobcats, Clippers, Hornets, 76ers), in addition to the mass workout held at the facilities of the Golden State Warriors.

Since, Gordon has worked out for the Washington Wizards (picks 18 and 47), Indiana Pacers (picks 11, 41, and now 17), Milwaukee Bucks (picks 8 and 37), Boston Celtics (picks 30 and 60), Cleveland Cavaliers (pick 19), and Memphis Grizzlies (picks 5 and 28).

My Prediction:
The Bobcats and Clippers seem to be the front runners for Jamont Gordon’s services with their 2nd round picks (38 and 35 respectively)……but that all depends on who they draft with the 9th and 7th picks (respectively) as the current Draft Express Mock has combo guards Jerryd Bayless (Arizona) going 7th and Russell Westbrook (UCLA) going 9th.

Indiana just traded for a PG in T.J. Ford, but still might have interest in Gordon considering that they want to get rid of Jamaal Tinsley. Memphis also has a log jam at the point, but are possibly looking to trade Kyle Lowry.

Going 28th to Memphis is Gordon’s best shot at the first round. If not, the Clippers take him at 35, but Jamont doesn’t slip past the Bobcats at 38.

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3 Responses to “Bulldog Draft Day Hope – Jamont Gordon”

  1. Trent said

    Sucks that Jamont wasn’t even drafted. I’m sure glad he wasted his eligibility on the draft this year.

  2. KW said

    Yea, I was pretty surprised.

    The teams which seemed to eye Jamont the most got talent at his position earlier than their 2nd round picks.

    Guess that’s how the cards fall sometimes.

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