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Evidently The Dallas Mavs Aren’t Charles Rhodes’ Cup of Tea

Posted by Kyle Weidie on July 7, 2008

I’m not sure if I’m wrong or not, but I’ll admit to…..something.

A week ago, I wrote that the Dallas Mavericks may be Charles Rhodes’ best shot at landing in the NBA. Main reason: Roster room for the Mavs – they had seven players signed for next year, none of whom play the four (Rhodes’ most likely position in the NBA). Dallas then inked DeSagana Diop, a five, and Gerald Green, a wing.

On Monday, the official Dallas Mavericks summer league roster was released and Charles Rhodes was nowhere to be found. The Mavericks Blog on the Dallas Morning News website is reporting that Rhodes, and a couple others such as Aaron Miles and Reggie Williams, will not be participating because they, “got what they perceive to be better offers.”

A quick check of the rosters for the Las Vegas NBA Summer Pro League did not yield any results for Rhodes. It might be the case where Charles Rhodes and his agent, Mike Conley Sr. (the Vice President of Player Representation for Bill Duffy’s BDA Sports Management and father of Mike Conley Jr., currently a PG for the Memphis Grizzlies and formerly an Ohio State Buckeye), feel that Charles would be best served taking the sure overseas money rather than risking the cut-throat nature of NBA tryouts. After all, Charles In Charge “just wants a job.” Stay tuned.


2 Responses to “Evidently The Dallas Mavs Aren’t Charles Rhodes’ Cup of Tea”

  1. ludawg said

    Best wishes, Charles! We’ll miss you as a Bulldog, but I hope you have a long and satisfying career.

  2. […] Then, on Monday, I deduced from this link on the Dallas Mavericks website, which did not mention Rhodes, and this link on the Mavs Blog on the Dallas Morning News website that Rhodes, and others, had found alternative options to suiting up for the Mavericks summer league squad. So, I wrote a post that the Mavs might not be Rhodes’ cup of tea. […]

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