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Scratch That, Charles Rhodes Will Be With The Mavericks Summer Squad

Posted by Kyle Weidie on July 11, 2008

On again, off again, that’s what I get for believing what I read.

When I initially heard that former Bulldog Charles Rhodes received a ticket to ride on the Dallas Mavericks summer league express, I wrote a post outlining a couple reasons as to why the Mavs would be an excellent chance for Rhodes.

Then, on Monday, I deduced from this link on the Dallas Mavericks website, which did not mention Rhodes, and this link on the Mavs Blog on the Dallas Morning News website that Rhodes, and others, had found alternative options to suiting up for the Mavericks summer league squad. So, I wrote a post that the Mavs might not be Rhodes’ cup of tea.

Lo and behold, on Thursday, that same Mavs blog on the Dallas Morning News website, along with a story in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram today, had Rhodes on the squad.

So, I did what I should have done in the first place, write an email to the Dallas Mavericks trying to get an official word on Charles Rhodes. Their media relations people graciously and promptly responded with confirmation that Rhodes was set to play.

So there you have it, lesson learned……don’t always believe what you read, even if it comes from supposed credible sources. You can find the official Mavs Summer League roster here. Their first game in the Vegas Pro League is tonight at 9 pm.

Now that all is settled, good luck Chuck!

Must Read:

A guest column on the ClintonNews.com by Jonathan Dillon who was a senior on Mississippi College’s basketball team last year. He writes about his recent tryout with the New Orleans Hornets where, you guessed it, Charles Rhodes was present.


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