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Update on Mississippi State Bulldogs in NBA Summer Leagues

Posted by Kyle Weidie on July 16, 2008

We’ll start with the oft-covered Charles Rhodes.

What the Web is Saying:

“Charles Rhodes has looked extremely impressive on the offensive end, but hasn’t been able to stay out of foul trouble.”hoopsworld.com

“‘Chuckie’ Rhodes, I won’t lie, I want to see this guy on the court with J-Kidd and The Big German! Rhodes is a beast, with a large body. for the past 3 games he has been a real eye opener.”All about the Mavs

“[Charles Rhodes] A bit of a surprise, but played a very solid game. Scored 10 on 5-8 shooting and had six boards off the bench. Defended the pick and roll nicely and demonstrated nice shooting range. Could turn heads if this play continues.”Dallas Dedicated

  • Game 1: Mavs vs. LA Clippers – Rhodes had 10 points on 5-8 shooting and six boards in 21 minutes of play. He did have six fouls, but that seems to be the norm in summer league play. I’m glad to see that Charles only committed one turnover.
  • Game 2: Mavs vs. Golden State Warriors – Rhodes had 12 points on 4-5 shooting and 4-4 from the FT line, six rebounds, two assists and a block in 17+ minutes on the court. However, Rhodes was still successful at picking up fouls (5), and the turnovers (5) returned to his repertoire.
  • Game 3: Mavs vs. Minnesota T-Wolves – Rhodes, getting slightly less time with 16+ minutes and still coming off the bench, scored nine points on 4-5 shooting along with two boards, two assists, and a steal. He committed less fouls (4) as his time narrowed, but Rhodes realized that room for mistakes was limited and didn’t commit one turnover.

NBADraft.net and Draft Express both compare Charles Rhodes to Brandon Bass. In comparing each of their final seasons at their respective schools (Bass left LSU after his sophomore year in 04-05), PPG and FG% are close, but Bass was a better FT shooter and rebounder, although Bass’s edge comes on the defensive boards. Other stats such as assists steals and blocks are negating, but Rhodes did turn the ball over more. One thing about Brandon Bass is that his game is mostly facing the basket and doesn’t always display true quality low post moves. I believe that Charles Rhodes has a more diverse inside/outside game than Bass. However, Bass has been known to be a good one-on-one defender, something I can’t really say about Charles Rhodes.

In any case, the Dallas Mavericks seem like they are looking for another Brandon Bass, but Rhodes doesn’t qualify as he doesn’t have previous NBA experience. Hoopsworld thinks that James Singleton might be the next Brandon Bass. Mavs.com says not yet. As for Brandon Bass himself? Expect to hear more from him in 08-09, it’ll be a contract year.

The Dallas Mavericks will play the Sacramento Kings on Wednesday the 16th at 5 pm central time. Visit NBA.com to catch the action.

Jamont Gordon

What the Web is Saying:

The Games:

  • Game 1: 76ers vs. Golden State Warriors – Jamont started at guard along with Junior Harrington out of Wingate. Gordon scored 11 points on 3-8 shooting and 5-6 from the FT line, along with five assists, a rebound, a steal, and a block with three turnovers in 28+ minutes.
    • “We have Jamont Gordon and Dawan Robinson running the show, and it seemed like they were making bad decision after bad decision out there, it was tough to watch.”sixer soul
  • Game 2: 76ers vs. Denver Nuggets – Gordon started at the helm once again, playing just under 30 minutes. During his time, he had 12 points on 5-8 shooting (2-6 from the FT line), six rebounds, five assists, and a steal to go along with four turnovers.
  • Game 3: 76ers vs. LA Lakers – Playing in just under 29 minutes, Gordon scored eight points on 2-7 from the field and 4-6 from the FT line. He also had four rebounds, three assists, two steals, and only one turnover.
    • “One of the Lakers’ guards thought it’d be funny to randomly scream and Jamont Gordon while playing defense at the top of the key. Well, he thought right. He scared Gordon enough to jump back a little. I thought it was funny.”sixer soul

So far, Jamont Gordon’s per game summer league numbers do show his versatility. Shooting is still a glaring concern as he has gone a combined 0-5 from three-point territory. Turnovers aren’t terrible at 2.67 per. Jamont is doing a good job in getting to the free-throw line, averaging a FT attempt every 4.8 minutes. However, going 11-18 from the charity stripe will not help Gordon’s cause.

I’ll be getting an up close look at Jamont Gordon tonight as the Philadelphia 76ers take on my beloved Washington Wizards.

Walter Sharpe

Sharpe is seeing decent action for the Detroit Pistons so far. He’s started in all three games, averaging 22.7 minutes, 6.7 points, 3.7 rebounds, 1.7 assists, and 1.7 steals per. He’s not shooting well from the field (30.4%), but is knocking down free-throws (85.7%). Look for Sharpe’s Pistons to take on Charles Rhodes’ Mavericks on Thursday the 17th.

What the Web is Saying:

  • “Sharpe was active on both ends of the court, but was caught out of position much of the night. He was aggressive on the defensive end and was rewarded with 3 steals for his efforts. His shot was off and all of his points came from put backs or free trows. Since this was his first taste of NBA level pace and talent, it’s hard to judge how much was nerves and how much was inexperience. Sharpe looked to have the skills that Dumars has promised that he has. Sharpe needs to work on finishing around the basket and needs to relax when shooting. We are going to have to see more of him before there can be any kind of judgment, but Walter got off to a shaky start.”Pistons Full Court Press (after the July 11 Laker game)
  • “Having another poor shooting night was Walter Sharpe, who went 2-8 from the field. But that wasn’t what left the biggest impression from the young forward. It was Sharpe’s leaping abilities and the way he can handle the basketball and bring it up the court. Sharpe looked smooth out there and seemed to be relaxed when he had the ball in his hands.”Pistons Full Court Press (after the July 13th Clippers game)
  • “Walter Sharpe continued to impress coaches and fans alike with his play. Sharpe showed his versatility and looked very comfortable in the Pistons offense and defense. If Sharpe continues to improve at his current pace, it’s hard to imagine that he can’t fight his way into the Pistons rotation, depending on what changes are made to the current roster. Sharpe finished with 8 points, 3 rebounds and 2 assists in 23 minutes of play.”Pistons Full Court Press (after the July 15th Bucks game)

Marcus Campbell

As for our friend Marcus Campbell, he received DNP-CD’s (did not play – coach’s decision) for all five Miami Heat games in the Orlando NBA Summer League. A report in the Sun-Sentinel said that Campbell was limited by injury.


One Response to “Update on Mississippi State Bulldogs in NBA Summer Leagues”

  1. Channing said

    Lawrence Roberts is on the Nuggets summer league team.

    He had 2 boards and 1 assist in 4 minutes of play the other day. They have the boxscore messed up showing he didn’t play but I watched the game and he did indeed play.

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