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MSU Bulldog Basketball Run-Down

Posted by Kyle Weidie on July 17, 2008

Barry Stewart Injury

The MSU junior recently experienced a stress fracture in his ankle from playing pickup ball and is expected to be out 6-8 weeks (he’s evidently in his second week of rehab now). Ankle injuries are never a joke, as I’ve experienced many myself. I’ve always been told that a bad sprain (with ligament issues) is worse than breaking an ankle, but I’m not sure how a stress fracture compares. Of course, Stewart’s injury required surgery, most ankle injuries don’t. Kentucky’s Patrick Patterson had the same injury at the end of last February and missed the rest of the season, including the Wildcat’s first round NCAA tournament loss to six seed Marquette.

This is a pretty significant setback for Barry Stewart, who experienced a down sophomore campaign, especially shooting wise (Stewart’s true shooting % went down eight points from his freshman year). If anything, Stewart will just miss out on pick-up games, but will still be able to hit the weights to increase upper body strength. He’s expected to make a full recovery before practice starts in mid-October, but hopefully he’ll be ready much earlier to go through sanctioned individual workouts preceding official team practices.

To Wear or Not To Wear

Rick Stansbury wants to make sure potential recruits know who the heck he is….or at least who he coaches for, Mississippi State…you damn right. From a recent SI.com college basketball recruiting update:

This year’s winner for best use of a garment as a billboard is Mississippi State coach Rick Stansbury, who outfitted himself and his assistants in white shirts with the school’s name written in huge maroon letters. The shirts eschewed school initials — MSU also could be Michigan State, Murray State or Morgan State — and logos — a Bulldog could represent Georgia or Gonzaga — to eliminate any confusion. That may seem like a little thing, but not every prospect knows the difference between a Georgia Bulldog and a Mississippi State Bulldog.

Gotta make Mississippi State known and distinguished….we all know about Richard Williams getting upset over ‘Mississippi’ hats when the Bulldogs made it to the Final Four in 1996.

You can also check out what a couple MSM blogs have on Stansbury and summer talk.

Clarion-Ledger MSU Blog – Kyle Veazey
Inside Miss. State Sports – Gregg Ellis

Basketball Schedule?

It’s still being developed…..but word is that the Bulldogs will be taking part in the Legends Classic, which will be played in Newark, New Jersey. Evidently, the top four participants, Pittsburgh, Texas Tech, Washington State, and the MSU Bulldogs, will host the first two rounds of games on each of their respective campuses from November 20-23. The finals will be played at the Prudential Center in Newark on November 28-29.

The Bulldogs will also play South Alabama in Starkville on December 13th and Centenary will be coming to the Hump to open their season on November 15th.

What Exactly is a “Fearless” Prediction?

Luke Winn of SI.com is making some “fearless” predictions for the upcoming college basketball season. Mississippi State factors into prediction #19:

If Jamont Gordon can get Raycom on his TV in Europe (or some NBDL outpost), he’ll tune in and realize he could have made Mississippi State the champs of the SEC West … but now, no one in the entire league will really challenge Tennessee.


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