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Chris Low Down and the Mississippi State Bulldogs

Posted by Kyle Weidie on August 18, 2008

Chris Low, who writes ESPN.com’s SEC Blog, has been making his way around the South writing a series of features for conference member schools in anticipation of the upcoming football season.

On such feature was on DE Tim Bailey, who served an 18-month assignment with the National Guard, spending a year in Iraq, before suiting up for the Bulldogs. Hopefully Bailey’s perspective on life will rub off on his teammates.

“It was pretty rough over there,” Bailey said. “When you have bad days over here, they really don’t seem so bad.”

Bailey may be apart of an upcoming $450 million National Guard advertising campaign, the Clarion-Ledger has a piece on his photo shoot experience.

Running back Anthony Dixon left some things on the field last year, don’t expect the case to be the same this time around.

“Sometimes, I’m just out there running. I’m getting the ball and seeing the defense and looking to get bad angles or just run over people. This year, I’m reading the gaps better. It’s like Coach Croom said. I did leave some yards on the field last year by not reading the gap and seeing wide-open holes. I made 4 and 5 yards when I could have gotten 10 or 15.”

Of course, everyone knows that quarterback Wesley Carroll will be the key to potential success for the Bulldogs.

“One of the things we have to be careful about as he grows more confident is still not being a gambler,” Croom said. “We want him to get better with his throwing but also understand, as Clint Eastwood would say, that a man’s got to know his limitations.

Low also kicks it with Bulldog Coach Sylvester Croom with a two-part discussion, click the links below to check them out.


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