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Mississippi State AD Tells Fans to Chill, Stay Together

Posted by Kyle Weidie on September 4, 2008

Ok…well, not in so many words, but Mississippi State’s brand new Athletic Director, Greg Byrne, had some refreshing words for Bulldog fans after a disappointing loss to Louisiana Tech in the season opener.

From Byrne’s September 2nd release:


Our football season did not begin the way any of us would have liked.  Understandably, our fans and supporters are disappointed.  And we received a number of emails immediately after the game was over.  Many were supportive, and some were critical.

We’ve made this statement before, but the only way we will achieve success here at Mississippi State is if everyone is pulling that rope in the same direction.  Please know that we understand that what makes this business wonderful is the passion and enthusiasm that we all share for what we do.  But that is also what makes Saturday night’s result so challenging.  We all have to rebound from that feeling and move forward.  There are 11 games to go and the only way we will be able to have success is if we do it collectively.

Lest we forget, Saturday night was just as difficult on our student-athletes and coaches, who have been preparing for this 2008 season since January.  They’re not going to let last Saturday’s results deter them…we can’t either.

Fans overreact, it certainly comes with the territory of sports. But finding the need to send emails “immediately” after the game? That’s a bit too much. I’d bet that you could easily adjust Bryne’s sentence to say, ‘Some were supportive, and many were critical.’

I would hope that those going on knee-jerk diatribes do not act with such thoughtless haste in their everyday lives, but my intuition tells me I’m being too optimistic. Then again, for some, Mississippi State football is their everyday life, or at least they think it is.

Greg Byrne’s words are clear and to the point. Hopefully the message of support and staying together does not fall on deaf ears. It’s nice to see a college athletic director to take such a firmly worded stance. Now if the MSU Bulldogs lose to SE Louisiana…….


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