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Mississippi State vs. Georgia Tech: The Prediction

Posted by Kyle Weidie on September 19, 2008

Danny Sheridan on USA Today has the Yellow Jackets giving the Bulldogs 7.5 points on Saturday. If I was a gambling man in Vegas, I take the Bulldogs and the points. It’s not so much a hunch, rather just a lot of points for an ACC team to give an SEC team, especially since I believe the Bulldog defense has the ability to keep the game close, in spite of the Bulldog offense.

Now, perhaps Sheridan made his line when the status of staring running back, Anthony Dixon, was in question. However, late last night, it was reported that Dixon would see time on the field. So, while DocSports.com is reporting that many betting sites had Tech favored by 7.5 or even 8.0 at around noon yesterday, the line in Vegas may change by the end of Friday. The current live odds on Yahoo has the Yellow Jackets giving up 8 points.  I can’t imagine Dixon being more than a point or point and a half swing….even then, at 6.0 or 6.5, I’m inclined to take Mississippi State.

But what about the game, can the Bulldogs actually go into Atlanta and come out with a win?

I could go on, and on, and on…..but is anybody picking the Bulldogs for the upset? Sure, there are a couple:

Well you know what….I’ll also pick the Bulldogs. I think their defense will limit big plays on the ground for Tech (you better step up too secondary), and force a couple of turnovers that will put the Bulldog offense in “can’t lose” position (I know, I know…I thought that happened against Auburn too).

Mississippi State 16 – Georgia Tech 10


3 Responses to “Mississippi State vs. Georgia Tech: The Prediction”

  1. I sure hope you’re right

  2. GTftw said

    I’ll be watching watching the game from Bobby Dodd and I’m pretty excited for the lineup. I believe Tech will win, however, I second that MState’s defense will play a key roll especially with all of the drops and interceptions my Yellow Jackets have had so far this season (The Trip-Op will be watched vehemently and I think the Bulldog’s will run a tight blitz). Ill call it to be a 3 point game with MState giving a good burst in the second half.

  3. Scott LeFlore said

    Well, I see the bulldogs stalled again. Rather, the bulldogs got spanked, hard and often! The talent this team has is definitely not showing on the field. I would be surprised and happy if we can win at least 2 more games. Sad.

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