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The Maroon & White Squadron Leaves Baton Rouge With A Moral Victory

Posted by Kyle Weidie on September 28, 2008

If you would have told me that Mississippi State would be first on the board against LSU, then I would have politely asked you to kiss some grits that I’d just prepared…..but I’d also warn you that the grits were hot. The game between Mississippi State and LSU certainly didn’t go exactly as expected, in terms of the discrepancy between the scores, but most would agree that the Tigers had the game in hand the whole time.

Considering the conditions in Death Valley, Mississippi State quarterback, Tyson Lee, performed admirably in his first career start. His stats won’t ‘wow’ you (17-26, 175 yards, 1 TD), but the key part is that he managed the game, and that’s what the Bulldogs need most going forward (Lee also did not throw an interception).

Other performance notables include the play of Derek Pegues, on defense and special teams, and senior linebacker Dominic Douglas, who was all over the place. Douglas led the Bulldogs with 11 tackles (1 for a loss, 6 solo, 5 assisted).

No, not every team has a Charles Scott, LSU’s star running back, but the Bulldog defense should be concerned that he was able to dive for additional yardage after initial contact pretty much every time. The offense will need to put in a lot of work in the upcoming off week. Ideally, future game plans will not depend on gimmicks, like running a lot of screen passes, which against LSU, is the engineering equivalent of putting a screen door on a submarine.

So while a moral victory was great, we won’t know if it will have a true positive effect on the team until the games in the coming weeks. Perhaps the fact Tyson Lee is entrenched as the starting quarterback (a safe assumption) will allow Mississippi State to build some consistency. Vanderbilt is up next, and if they can beat Ole Miss, who can beat Florida…..yea, the SEC is tough.

What everyone else is saying:

For certain, the Bulldogs played their most complete game of the year in defeat.
Rick Cleveland, Clarion-Ledger

Well, at least we weren’t completely killed. I think most of us knew going into this game that we weren’t going to win. It is, after all, LSU. They have always had our number. At least we kept the score respectable.
Mississippi State Sports Blog

He had an air of calmness about him, and for the first time, it looked like he was totally confident in everything he was doing. … He played a lot better than I thought he would.
Sylvester Croom on Tyson Lee

The good news:

Punter Blake McAdams is on the Ray Guy Watch List…which is much better than being on the Ray Finkle Watch List.

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If Oregon State Can Beat USC, Anything Can Happen….Such As Mississippi State Covering The Spread Against LSU

Posted by Kyle Weidie on September 27, 2008

On Thursday, the Oregon State Beavers upset the #1 ranked USC Trojans, who were favored to win by about 25 points. Reports indicate that Trojan jocks are much lighter as the national media is no longer riding them. Every Day Should Be Saturday has all the game puns covered.

So with the LSU Tigers favored by 23.5, 24 points over Mississippi State, might the Bulldogs have a chance to win? Uh….they’ll be lucky if they can just cover.

Let’s see, MSU Coach Sylvester Croom is not only saying that he doesn’t know who will start for the Bulldogs at quarterback on Saturday, but that he might play all three on the roster.

The Blog Bag at Inside Mississippi Sports has some hard hitting questions for Croom, but the fact is, only wins can satisfy people, not answers. Speaking of Brad Locke, he’s predicting a 34-10 win for LSU.

The guest LSU blogger at the Mississippi State Sports Blog is picking the Tigers 35-10, or 31-14, while the return favor is calling the loss for the Dawgs, 45-7.

ESPN.com’s Chris Low is predicting 34-7, LSU Tigers.

Personally, I’m not going to make an exact prediction, but rather will guarantee that LSU will score more than 42 and the Bulldogs will score less than 17. So yes, the Tigers will cover the spread. The best news for the Mississippi State Bulldogs is that not many will see their nationally televised game (ESPN2, 7:30 pm), because most will be watching the big Georgia-Alabama game on ESPN at 7:45 pm. Cheers.

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The Awesomeness of the ESPN-SEC Deal

Posted by Kyle Weidie on August 26, 2008

Living on the East Coast, my thirst for SEC sports has been left unquenched for years. Unfortunately, I’ve been surrounded by the ACC, Big East, and other coverage of the Big 10 (11), and even Pac-10. Sure there have been options such as the ESPN Game Plan. However, jumping through hoops and having to pay money for easy access to the best conference in college sports seems a tad unjust.

In steps in the worldwide leader in sports, ESPN. Sure, the WWL has a monopolization on sports media coverage and uses that to push their own biased agenda. But there’s no getting around it, they are the best. ESPN gets the top talent, is a leader in media technology, and provides viewers with the essentials of sports analysis.

You can read the full press release from secsports.com, but here are some highlights:


  • ESPN and ESPN2 will TRIPLE their coverage. So, not just Super Tuesday, but also Thursday and Saturday games.
  • More prominence for the SEC/Big East Challenge. (Remember how lame it was last year with only four games?)
  • More coverage on ESPNU, ESPN360.com, ESPN Classic (vintage SEC games and instant classics!), and ABC, among the other ESPN outlets.
  • SEC Tournament semifinals and finals nationally televised on ESPN/ABC.


  • ESPN will have the rights to every SEC home game.
  • ESPN and ESPN2 will televise a minimum of 20 games during the season.
  • Supplemental coverage on ESPNU, ESPN Classic, etc.


  • All SEC championship games except football will be aired on either ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN on ABC, ESPNU or ESPN Classic.
  • ESPN and the SEC will work together to offer multi-sport packages (including football, men’s and women’s basketball, Olympic sports and conference championships).

Overall, I could not be more excited. The 15-year, $2.25 billion deal will be quite the economic boon for each member organization. Facilities will improve and recruiting against other conferences will get better, which will lead to trickle-down upgrades for academics.

The Sports Business Journal reports that the current $5.3 million doled out to each of the 12 SEC member schools from television rights could increase over 283% to $15 million per year. Just imagine what this would mean for a school such as Mississippi State, which currently operates with a $32 million athletic budget, the lowest in the conference.

So pop the cork on the champagne, it’s time for a celebration….the Southeastern Conference is coming to ESPN.

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MSU Bulldog Football On CBS?

Posted by Kyle Weidie on August 18, 2008

Somehow CBS has accidentally leaked their SEC football broadcast schedule for this upcoming season….not sure why it must be a “leak” or an “accident” – CBS typically doesn’t announce the games they will televise until around 10 days before the match-up.

Nonetheless, Saturdays in the South seems to have stumbled onto something, and Deadspin is trying to confirm.

The Mississippi State Bulldogs only appear once on this supposedly tentative schedule….it’s the November 22nd date with Arkansas in Starkville. The caveat is that Ole Miss @ LSU and Tennessee @ Vanderbilt also appear as televised possibilities on the same date.

Right now, the Bulldogs only have three televised games on the schedule: the August 30 opener at Louisiana Tech (ESPN2) , the September 13 matchup versus Auburn in Starkville (ESPN2), and the November 28 finale against Ole Miss in Oxford (Raycom).

Let’s hope that Miss. State remains relevant up until that second to last game versus Arkansas. It’d be nice for Coach Croom and his Bulldogs to be broadcast into the living rooms of fans and potential recruits alike.

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Mississippi State Bulldog Football Overtime

Posted by Kyle Weidie on August 6, 2008

No, this post will not cover the history of Bulldog football over time, rather, the overtime history of Bulldog football.

SECFootballBlogger.com recently posted a YouTube video of the top 5 SEC overtime games of all time. Here’s the list [which looks to be compiled by SECTV, not SECFootballBlogger]:

5. Tennessee vs. LSU 2005
4. Arkansas vs. Ole Miss 2001
3. Georgia vs. Auburn 1996
2. Arkansas vs. Kentucky 2003
1. LSU vs. Kentucky 2007

Which naturally got me wondering about the Bulldogs and overtime. In case you don’t know, the OT rule for the NCAA was implemented in 1996. A list of all NCAA OT games since has been compiled by Dr. Peter A. Rosen and is posted here.

Here are the games in which Mississippi State has been involved:

  • Nov. 23, 1996 – Starkville – MSU 13 – Arkansas 16
  • Oct. 21, 2000 – Baton Rouge – MSU 38 – LSU 45
    (I was at this game, quite the trip.)
  • Nov. 18, 2000 – Starkville – MSU 10 – Arkansas 17
  • Dec. 31, 2000 – Independence Bowl – MSU 43 – Texas A&M 41
    (The Snow Bowl!)
  • Sept. 23, 2006 – Birmingham – MSU 16 – UAB 10

2-3 in all OT games.
0-3 in SEC OT games.
1-3 in regular season OT games.
1- 0 in bowl OT games.

And that’s the history, over time.

On another note, Chris Low (SEC Football Blogger on ESPN.com) puts the Bulldogs at #9 in his SEC Power Rankings, he says:

The first four games are critical for the Bulldogs. They have to find a way to come out of those four at least 3-1. It remains to be seen if Mississippi State has enough offensive playmakers to match last season’s success.

I’d love to be more optimistic, but I think the Dawgs will go 2-2 during the opening four game stretch. Hopefully, Coach Croom’s team will take care of, but not underestimate, Louisiana Tech and Southeastern Louisiana in the first two games. Auburn will be a big test in game three, but at least it’s at home. The wildcard is the game at Georgia Tech on September 20th.

In the USA Today Preseason Coaches Poll, the Bulldogs get six votes among the “others” (essentially ranking MSU 41st in the nation) while Georgia Tech receives two (ranked #50). Even though the matchup is in Atlanta, I suspect the Bulldog faithful will have a strong presence in the ATL. Combine that with general lack of support for the Yellow Jackets makes me revert from my prediction, feeling that 3-1 in the first four games in highly attainable.


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Bulldogs Slam The Door On A Tiger Tail

Posted by Kyle Weidie on March 9, 2008

Just before the game, Barry Booker doled out some disrespect. He said that Mississippi State and LSU were the best teams in the SEC West right now. He claimed not to disrespect Arkansas, but how can his statement not be?….and possibly to Ole Miss as well.

Early in the game, Charles Rhodes tried his hand at some outside/mid-range shots….when he should’ve been working to establish himself down low. He missed his first three attempts. Rhodes’ first strong inside move gave the Bulldogs a 17-8 lead, as State continued to have their way on offense.

The Bulldog defense looked strong in the opening minutes; Charles anchoring with a big block himself. However, Rhodes is clearly at the ‘block the shot out-of-bounds and yell’ stage instead of the ‘block the ball and recover it’ stage. The gritty Ben Hansbrough had his back with hustle and a save of the possession.

From LSU’s end, Chris Johnson, a junior born in Washington, DC, looked smooth in the early going, skinny like a crack-head though. Johnson’s job in exposing Charles Rhodes with activity on the offensive glass was commendable, along with his 17 points on the day.

Jamont Gordon gave us the obligatory “What was he thinking?” move as he got his pocket picked by LSU freshman sensation Anthony Randolph and then committed a juvenile intentional file. What do they call it? Oh yea, compounding mistakes.

Quick TV Stat: Anthony Johnson and Jamont Gordon are the only two players in the history of the SEC who won the Freshman of the Week honor four times.

Elgin Bailey impressed with his ability to take up space down low…..looked damn good scoring 2 points in 9 minutes of action. Mississippi State received 10 total points from their bench for the game.

In the first half, LSU definitely showed a tad more hustle than the Bulldogs, at times sprinting to get into their offense. The Tigers were able to keep up with MSU because their goal was to go in the paint…..getting the job done a little too easily if you ask me. As Rick Stansbury would say, ‘they took it down their throats’ resulting in a squeaky LSU halftime lead of 43-32, contributed to by the casual mannerisms of the Bulldogs.

In the second half, it only took the Bulldogs five minutes to take the lead for good. A three pointer by Jarvis Varnado of all people, put the Bulldogs up 14, 68-54, the largest lead of the game. The seven blocked shots Jarvis had against the Tigers is becoming a rather pedestrian feat for him.

But with just over two minutes left in the game, the Tigers were able to cut their deficit to four on a three from Marcus Thornton. I barely noticed the 17 Thornton scored in the first half, but his 38 for the game sure stands out. Oh yea, add the fact that Marcus scored 17 of his 38 in the final 6:16. It’s pretty rare for an individual player to go off two games in a row against the Bulldogs…..you didn’t forget Shan Foster’s 42 did you?

In the end, the tandem of Jamont Gordon and Charles Rhodes closed out the game as LSU simply could not hang with their superior talent; the duo combined for 50 points as Mississippi State had themselves an 84-75 win. The Dawgs were 20-24 on free throws….how ’bout that! [box score]

Passing Grades? The Bully Basketball Blog

Bulldog Pride: Charles Rhodes’ love for the logo and the photo.

“It’s been a great ride.”: The Clarion-Ledger gives Charles Rhodes some shine. They also feed a beast. And to shine, one must have a star.

Amber Alert: Barry Stewart – 5 points, 2-9 FG, 1-6 from three.

LSU Not Tough Enough: So says the Advocate.

Jamont Gordon: If it don’t fit, don’t force it.

What 38 Points? Thornton (the other one, Quintin) wanted no part of Charles Rhodes.

Photo of the Day: Jamont Gordon, The Ice Cream Man.

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Mississippi State Will Try To Stay Off The Tiger Beat

Posted by Kyle Weidie on March 8, 2008

Senior Day for the Mississippi State Bulldogs: Charles Rhodes and walk-on Billy Begley will be the lone celebrants. The Louisiana State University Tigers, 13-16 overall and 6-9 in the SEC, have had a dismal season. However, since Mississippi State “product” Butch Pierre has taken the coaching helm from John Brady, the Tigers have gone 5-3….winning their last 4 SEC games in a row (albeit only one was on the road and the combined SEC record of those losers is 19-41). Nonetheless, Gregg Ellis of the NE Mississippi Daily Journal has a story about Butch Pierre that’s well worth the read. LSU Tiger fans seem to be behind Pierre. So, will the yet to be named LSU AD end up jettisoning Butch for VCU’s Anthony Grant? I’d bet money that the answer is no. With Pierre’s ties to the south, especially in terms of his purported recruiting skills, LSU (whomever the AD will be) would have to be crazy to let him go.

A quick check of the LSU Tiger Blogosphere:

And this guy has the run-down on all of SEC Hoops.

Will the Bulldogs be motivated against LSU today? [Kyle Veazey of the Clarion-Ledger asks.]

I think so. My prediction: 25 and 13 for Charles Rhodes and Billy Begley gets some Senior Day points.

Oh yea, today Mississippi State will recognize the 1963 Bulldogs basketball team, the first team from MSU to participate in the NCAA tournament.


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